IoT products for retailers

We created EIDEX to connect the retail industry to the cloud. Seamlessly know where your customers spend more time in your store, what products they like best and other important business information directly from your computer or smartphone

Complex Mechanical Design

We have ample experience in mechanical and industrial design. Whether you need a simple enclosure solution for an existing device or to design an entire machine from the ground up, we are more than ready to help you

We make ideas a reality

From the sketchboard to a prototype. From a prototype to a finished product... and beyond. We understand the process and challenges involved in bringing a concept to reality. Don’t let your ideas lose their power, talk to us. Together we can reach their full potential

IoT agrotechnology

We developed TARHETA, an IoT integration to be implemented in farms. Know the most critical information of your farmland at anytime, anywhere. Be prepared in advanced and execute changes with greater certainty

We love what we do

We are a team of purposeful individuals who are truly passionate about innovation, technology and design. We seek to transcend through our creativity and to make the world a better place through our knowledge and curiosity

Technology to make decisions in real time

We firmly believe that we can provide innovative, technological solutions for a better and faster decision making. Whether you want to monitor climate conditions or the current state of an appliance, we can design a solution to fit your needs and budget

Prototypes to validate our design

Armed with 3D printers, various forms of CAD software, embedded development boards and electronics and a fully equipped workbench we can quickly and cheaply manufacture a prototype to validate our design approaches, allowing for quicker updates and changes and a faster time to market

Knowledge & curiosity

We just don’t seek to know things to do our job. We WANT to know things and we NEED to create what does not yet exists. Curiosity is our driving force. The muse that guides us every single day. When you work with us, you can rest assured we will be passionate and eager to provide an innovative solution for your project

If you can imagine, we look for a business for you

In dagaa, we approach our projects and our clients’ projects with a business objective in mind. We design for success in the market, taking into account factors such as manufacture costs and complexity, time to market and business scalability

Design of plastic parts

Our team

Adolfo Cota

Innovation maker

Diana Cordova

Administration and Finance

Emmanuel Galvan

Project manager

Jose Madrigal

Mechanical design engineer

Juan Carlos Rojas

Circuit and Electronic creator

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